About SJ Academy

Our Story

For over 50 years, we built homes, created cities and improved infrastructures in Singapore and abroad.

In 2013, we decided to share our expertise with the world by setting up an Academy. It has been an enriching and exciting exchange of knowledge and experience.

Our programmes bridge the gap between theory and practical knowledge. They are conducted by leading experts who have delivered numerous projects across the globe: from China, India and Vietnam to Angola, Burundi and Kazakhstan.

Why do we do it? We believe experience and expertise are precious resources that should be shared. We have programmes to suit the needs of government officials, professionals or technical specialists, regardless of where you are in the world.

Our depth of experience and breadth of expertise comes from being part of Surbana Jurong, with a tremendously successful track record in developing urban and infrastructure projects.

Our programmes include on-the- ground site visits that go beyond the classroom. We offer exclusive opportunities to network with senior leaders and experts. Just as Surbana Jurong has built an impeccable reputation for urban solutions, SJ Academy has established itself as a training provider of choice.

Surbana Jurong Academy Brochure

Surbana Jurong Academy Brochure

We will add more programmes from time to time. We can also customise programmes to fit your needs. Please feel free to let us know your requirements at
[email protected]