Eugene Seah


Managing Director, Smart City Solutions, Senior Director (Special Projects), Director, Threesixty Contract Advisory


BIM, Sustainability, Cost and Contracts Management

Eugene Seah
Highly experienced in Quantity Surveying and often injects sustainability value management and green approaches into his work to achieve to project efficiency

Mr Eugene SEAH joined Surbana Jurong Group on January 1 2017, as Senior Director, Group CEO’s office to spearhead and oversee the Group’s special projects, in particular Group initiative on Sustainability, BIM and Productivity. He oversees the Key Account Management team and is also a Director on the Boards of Threesixty Cost Management and Threesixty Contract Advisory.

Eugene is highly experienced in Quantity Surveying and often injects sustainability value management and green approaches into his work to achieve to project efficiency. He is a Green Mark professional and is knowledgeable in sustainable buildings. He is also an Accredited Adjudicator under Singapore Mediation Centre and a registered Mediator in the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers.

Eugene is now working on enhancing productivity in Design and Construction and researching on Computational BIM, VR/MR and other productivity enhancement topics for the Surbana Jurong Group.

Digital Tools At The Helm of Quantity Surveyors

The Quantity Surveyor’s (QS) profession has come a long way from the card and shuffle days to using proprietary software that help in “taking off” (the measurement and description of the items required for a construction project) and bills of quantities. However, with the push of building information modelling (BIM),

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Turning Dreams into Reality with Research and Innovation

Eugene Seah Senior Director (Special Projects) Surbana Jurong A sprawling complex wrapped in lush foliage lies near Nanyang Technological University. Inside, green technologies such as self-shading for heat reduction and smart lighting are installed to attain a net-zero impact. When it officially opens in early 2023, the Surbana Jurong (SJ)

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Plugging the Gaps in Sustainability Certification

Eugene Seah Senior Director (Special Projects) Surbana Jurong The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) recently announced that new and existing buildings will be subject to higher standards in order to be certified sustainable. The Green Mark refresh coincides with the release of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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Biomimicry: When Nature and Tech Work Together

By Eugene Seah, Senior Director, Special Projects, Surbana Jurong Group Clearing land for construction destroys natural habitats, especially the soil. When the topsoil is removed, the soil loses its ability to regulate water flow, provide nutrients, and fight pests and diseases. The off-site negative impact includes affecting soil quality and deterioration of

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How Climate Change Will Affect Designs

By Eugene Seah Senior Director, Special Projects Surbana Jurong Group Rising temperatures is a global phenomenon, when weather patterns become erratic and unpredictable. For a moment, we hear news of certain geographical regions experiencing torrential rains with flooding, and the next, countries having extreme heatwaves and out of control bush

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Digital Technology Investments A Differentiator Amidst Crisis

By Eugene Seah Senior Director, Special Projects Surbana Jurong Group The COVID-19 outbreak is global, and increasing in intensity. Stringent measures have been adopted around the world to contain the virus, severely limiting economic activity. This has put a strain on many industries including the built environment industry, disrupting operations

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Forensic Investigation in Cost and Contracts; Not Just for a QS Mindset

Introduction Amidst ever-changing market conditions, the move towards new technologies and ‘green’ buildings would only mean that the role of the Quantity Surveyor (QS) also has had to evolve to keep up with such new demands. Beyond the traditional QS functions such as measurement & documentation, price, value & cost

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Beyond Software: Are We Ready for Construction’s Digital Transformation?

Transforming the construction sector to take advantage of the opportunities presented by digital technologies is a global challenge. Singapore has a vision to meet this challenge, but is the industry prepared for the scale of change required? Introduction The use of digital technologies is transforming the global construction industry. New

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Why Parental Coaching Techniques Matter in the Workplace

Every parent understands the challenges and rewards of teaching children. But can similar skills be employed in the business and office environment to help attract and retain the best staff?

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A Vision for The Future Role of Cost Engineers and Quantity Surveyors

The Quantity Surveyor and Cost Engineer professions have the opportunity to embrace a broader vision for the future and redefine traditional roles. As new technology sweeps rapidly across the construction industry, existing professionals and new graduates must evolve to meet the changing demands of global clients.

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