Jurong Island Westward Extension Reclamation

Surbana Jurong was the appointed consultant providing front end engineering design, project management, contract administration and site supervision for Jurong Island Westward Extension (JIWE) project which involved the reclamation of 172ha of new land at Jurong Island for industrial usage.

JIWE was a complex project with a wide array of marine and shore activities that required close coordination and management. Challenges such as execution of sophisticated marine works amidst the busy fairways around Jurong Island, and importation of 568 bulk carriers with appropriate fill materials from approved sites in order to meet the project reclamation fill requirements, were successfully overcome by the project team.

In total, more than 70 vessels, 200 units of heavy shore equipment and around 900 workers at any one time had to be managed to meet the challenging milestones. Concurrently, the project team had to take into consideration the environment and ensure workplace safety, to deliver high quality works.

The project was completed on time and below the client’s budget, without compromise on the quality and safety.

reclamation area


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