Smart City in a Box

Smart Technologies, Better Productivity

We believe the cornerstones to build better living and interaction for communities with different needs efficiently.

Smart City in a box is a set of apps based on the four pillars of a Smart City – Sustainability, Efficiency, People and Security.

The versatility of these apps makes it easy to be deployed independently or alongside other applications for a seamless monitoring, management and maintenance experience.

We provide these key modules.

Estate Management

  • Integrated workflow and feedback tools to assist owners manage and upkeep multiple building assets engage different property users

Facility Management

  • Workflow driven end-to-end management and monitoring of building facilities

Assets Monitoring

  • Perform real-time performance tracking and resource optimisation of building assets

Community Engagement

  • Harnessing an all-rounder community and engagement model

IoT Device Management

  • Establish standard protocols to manage data

Safety & Security Management

  • Employs data analytics tools to predict threats and emergencies

Industry Applications

  • Government
  • Education institutions
  • HealthCare
  • Hospitality
  • Financial

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Read on for more Smart City capabilities:

Incident Management System

Lift Monitoring System

Data Analytics As A Service


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