A new icon for China rises from the Pearl River

The undulating beauty of the museum and its green roof (above) and the cavernous interior (below).

A consortium comprising B+H, 3XN and Zhubo Design was selected as the winner in an international design competition for the new Shenzhen Natural History Museum

The competition had attracted over 70 proposals from around the world before the best proposal was chosen. Set to be one of Shenzhen’s “Ten Cultural Facilities of the New Era” and the first large-scale comprehensive natural museum in Southern China once completed, the new Natural History Museum is dedicated to interpreting the laws of natural evolution.

The ambitious structure is called “Delta” after the Pearl River Delta and is designed to rise seamlessly from the river with an accessible green rooftop for visitors to soak in the natural setting. 

An aerial view of the project

The consortium is a team collaboration effort comprising Danish architectural firm 3XN along with B+H, a consulting + design solutions office, and ZHUBO Design, specialised in integrated design, the proposal extends the public park onto the roof of the facility, highlighting the natural geometry of the architecture and maximizing access to the green areas. Read more

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