Building the green heart of Shenzhen in China’s Greater Bay Area

Wetland REV3 1 scaled
Wetland REV3 1 scaled

The Surbana Jurong Landscape team has recently successfully won a large-scale municipal park of 2.2 sqkm project located in the core of an emerging new city in China’s Greater Bay Area, the Shenzhen Guangming Centre District Science Park. 

Surbana Jurong Landscape team formed a consortium with local design institute S.P.I Design Co. Ltd Consortium, to take part in the Shenzhen Science Park international design competition. The consortium’s entry won first place over nine other designs submitted by 18 companies. 

An artist’s impression of entire site with surrounding new city of Guangming.

Guangming Centre District Science Park is the core park in the central area of ​​Guangming Science City, a new city. The science park is a high-profile supporting facility for the Guangming Science City and will be built into the “green heart” in northern Shenzhen in the future.

The Surbana Jurong landscape architecture team applied a design based on eco-sustainability and is proud to help Shenzhen build an exciting city destination.  The masterplan of this Urban Eco-Park is unique as it combines three sensitive landscapes, namely a mountainous hilly, a waterfront and a wetland. With Integrated landscape components with artificial intelligence to create new experiences for park users, the masterplan also incorporates urban farming in the Bay Area as well to support the emerging new city of Guangming. 

An artist’s impression of a scenic ecological filtration pond.

An artist’s impression of an Urban Faming site.

This win caps a winning streak for Surbana Jurong Landscape Architecture this year, starting with the Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Waterfront Ecological Park International Competition and three IFLA international awards. 

“This big win is a fantastic recognition again of SJ Landscape architecture capabilities, so close on the heels of the win for Sanya, and eco island environmental project for Vietnam,” said Mr Oliver Ng, Landscape Director of SJ Architecture (Landscape team). “We believe that our team landscape architect will continuously to contribute to the sustainable green development and Innovative landscape design focusing on future experiences.” Congratulations to our team!

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