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Follow your passion, not the money

Mr Wong (second from right) delivered the Occasional Address at the James Cook University graduation ceremony in Singapore.

I’m not saying you should stay 10, 20 years at a job with no growth. You should be constantly challenged, constantly learning. But don’t bail out at the first sign of struggle.”

What is topmost on the minds of graduands on the verge of establishing their careers? When Surbana Jurong’s Group CEO Wong Heang Fine was invited to deliver the Occasional Address to the graduating students of James Cook University in Singapore, he drew from his own experiences traversing different roles, challenges and industries to get to where he is today.

It was a rare occasion when Mr Wong was not addressing the crowd in a business suit. At the graduation ceremony held on 1 December 2018, Mr Wong delivered an uplifting speech in academic dress to the graduands and their families.

In his speech, he shared three tips for career success that has stood him in good stead:
  1. To follow your passion and not the money.
  2. Stay inquisitive.
  3. Don’t give up in the face of trouble and naysayers.

See the full transcript of his speech here or watch the video:

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