Green and peaceful: A lush life by design

Artist’s impression of Punggol Point Cove with its sea view.

SJ architecture’s Landscape Architecture has bagged a number of awards at the IFLA Landscape Architecture Awards. The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Awards provide an international platform to showcase the best of landscape architects in the Asia-Pacific region, with 233 awards across 19 categories this year. The Awards are grouped into 3 major categories: Unbuilt ProjectsBuilt Projects, and Open Category

For the Unbuilt Projects – Residential category, the team achieved an Excellent Award for Punggol Point Cove, a project for the Housing and Development Board. The project has a waterfront site situated along the Johor Straits close to Singapore’s inland green corridor, with popular wildlife haunts like Coney Island, Punggol heritage trail, and Punggol Waterway Park. The landscape design focuses on environmentally sustainable measures such as creating integrated community spaces with the creation of a habitat for coastal fauna. The team designed rain gardens and swales to substitute for bland and stark artificial drains.

Night view of SDE4 scaled

The lush green NUS School of Design 4 by night

The team also received an Excellent Award in the Built Projects – Cultural and Urban Landscape category for NUS School of Design 4 (SDE4), Singapore’s first new-built net zero energy building. The landscape is instrumental in creating a biophilic ambience around the user spaces, helping to improving the level of comfort indoors. 

The landscape also serves an ecological function where a series of bio-retention basins clean the rainwater runoff and slows down its flow to reduce peak discharge. The team also conserved most of the existing trees to preserve the lush greenery onsite.

SkyOasis View 3 Plaza scaled

Artist’s impression of SkyOasis project in Dawson Estate.

The team also won an Honourable Mention in the Unbuilt Projects – Residential category for the Dawson Estate, where SkyResidence and SkyOasis residences are located. Both are new public housing developments, which showcase integrated planning and design, conservation of an existing heritage building and existing mature trees in one public realm. For both, the programme includes the conservation of the pre-1970s former market building and existing mature trees. The overall planning and design are guided by the “Housing-in-a-park” vision; as the team worked closely with SJ Township.

Meghbon condo with view of pool scaled

Artist’s impression of the Meghbon condo project in Dhaka

The team also received an Honourable Mention for Unbuilt Projects – Residential category for the Meghbon condo project in the city of Dhaka. It boasts a curated landscape. SJ landscape team focused on a sustainable design solution with the community, working closely with SJ Dhaka, SMEC and SJ Bangladesh. 

Mr Oliver Ng, Director Landscape Architecture, noted: “An outstanding design is best achieved with comprehensive study and research; and I am proud that our team members have done a great job in bringing out the unique character of each project.”

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