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Proud of the work we do – Awards night at the Surbana Jurong Group

i2 2019 proud
i2 2019 proud

The winners received their awards from members of Surbana Jurong’s senior management.

There’s nothing like a round of awards to fuel the spirit of competition! The Surbana Jurong Group held an internal awards ceremony in Brisbane in December 2018, to lend recognition to outstanding projects of the year. The awards also recognised stand-out young talents and those who lived out Surbana Jurong’s core values at work. Some of the winners:

 Award  Project
lnfrastructure Project of the Year
  • Sydney Metro Northwest SVC
Urban Project of the Year
  •  ICD Brookfield Place
Management Services Project of the Year
  • Roads for Development, Vanuatu
Infrastructure Innovation Award
  • Application of Advanced Pathfinding Algorithm for Penstock Design Optimisation
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence for Shipping Container Identification
Urban Innovation Award
  • Atherstone Estate Smart City People-in-Motion
Management Services Innovation Award
  •  Country Regional Network – Virtual Geotech Inspections




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