RBG’s Paragon project redefines luxury apartment living

PAR Hero Facade Cropped
PAR Hero Facade Cropped

Paragon Tower, a complex and unique re-purposing project, was recently completed, and a piece of Melbourne’s history has been perfectly preserved and renewed. The project consisted of demolishing an existing low-rise building and constructing the tower while retaining the existing heritage façade of the historic Celtic Club, which then formed part of the new building. Robert Bird Group was engaged by Multiplex to provide Structural, Civil and Construction Engineering.  

Inside Construction reports that the 48-level luxury residential apartment tower Paragon is located at 318 Queen Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Designed by architects Fender Katsalidis, the tower measures in at 167m above street level and is made up of 227 apartments.

The tower includes a library, bar, exclusive dining areas, a 15-m lap pool, spa and gym and Australia’s first elevated indoor forest. The car park also includes an automated car stacker. 


Project Contact:
Justin Hettinga | Principal
Robert Bird Group
E: [email protected]

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