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How can architects and designers promote dignity in our communities? SEEDS Journal Issue 6 takes a deep dive into this issue.

Architects and designers can help promote dignity, care and comfort in our communities when it is most needed by adopting a philosophy of a ‘full-circle model of care’ – where death is embraced as part of life in designing healthcare facilities and places, the latest edition of SEEDS advocates. 

Mr Michael Leong, Deputy CEO of SAA and Editor-in-Chief of SEEDS Journal, shares his thoughts on the importance of “designing spaces to fit the purpose of healing, even unto death” in this article. In this issue of SEEDS Journal, architects also take a look at the design for dignity and comfort and its unique role in empowering communities in various projects undertaken by architectural teams in the SJ group. 

This includes the co-location of a polyclinic, a nursing home and a senior care centre in a community setting, Singapore’s only operating burial ground which uses a prefabricated crypt building system with removable covers to facilitate the “reuse” of crypts, the use of “scent-scaping” and “soundscaping” in invisible design to boost mental wellness. Mr Kenny Chen of SJ Architecture also has an insightful Dialogue session with users, namely a mother of a special needs child, an architect who was suddenly incapacitated and a healthcare designer, asking: How Can Healthcare Design Support Individual Wellness? 

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