Smoother oil and gas operations in Pakistan

i2 2018 pakistan oil and gas
i2 2018 pakistan oil and gas

With SMEC’s help, operators will be able to process gas from all Middle Indus Fields at a single plant, not two.

In Pakistan, gas from the Middle Indus Fields of Sawan, Tajjal, Miano, Latif and Kadanwari are currently processed at two different high-capacity plants in two separate locations. The Middle Indus Fields are producing near end of life and, due to the low production of gas, the current operations are not optimised, incurring significant OPEX and CAPEX. With existing utilisation rate at less than 50% at each plant, they have ample capacity to accommodate the gas from all Middle Indus Fields, and this should allow operators to process all gas at a single plant.

Doing so would significantly reduce OPEX and CAPEX, optimise asset value in the short term, and sustain business in the long term. In addition, this will help to increase recoverable reserves, extend the lifespan of all fields and improve operational efficiency while allowing exploration of other commercial opportunities and synergies in the region such as the processing of third-party hydrocarbons.

SMEC, a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, was thus engaged by OMV to undertake the Concept Selection and Detail Engineering for Single Plant Operation. SMEC Oil & Gas will execute the project in two phases, with Phase I comprising Concept Selection and Phase II comprising Detail Engineering of the Selected Concept for Single Plant Operation.

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