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Architects in the Surbana Jurong Group now can look forward to more mentorship and growth in their career, as a new movement is taking root among the architectural businesses of the Group to mentor and nurture a whole new generation of architects.

The Surbana Jurong Group has grown, with the acquisition of Sino-Sun Architects and Engineers, B+H Architects, SAA Architects and other architectural practices over the past five years, into a global practice of over 1,000 architects, design and planning specialists in the 16,500-strong company.

Company leaders started the Global Architecture and Design Council to harness the depth and diversity of the talent pool within the group to expand the architectural business. In particular, there was a move to cultivate the younger architects in 2019. 

The young architects have started the SEEDS movement, so named to reflect the objective of the Surbana Jurong Group to Enrich, Engage, Discover and Share among the architects in 40 countries. SEEDS will create the learning and mentoring conditions for their growth, and for cross-fertilisation of ideas.

The movement was launched on 1 Feb 2021 with a tree-planting ceremony at SJ Global Academy in historic Adam Park in Singapore. To give the architects and related specialists a voice, a digital architectural magazine called SEEDS magazine was also launched.

The Inaugural Issue was strongly supported by the Global Architecture and Design Council and received overwhelming response from the architects. The Editorial Team, together with a group of young architectural leaders, has come up with an interesting collection of articles and features selected from all the contributions. Visit SEEDS magazine hosted on ISSUU for the inaugural issue. The special edition is focused on “Refresh. Reload. Life After 2020” with features on how architecture can sow hope with post-pandemic designs, showcases of projects, a roundtable chat with emerging architects and a calendar of events to connect with our architectural community.

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