Transforming the Indian city of Pune

i2 2018 pune metro region suburb
i2 2018 pune metro region suburb

A suburb in the Pune Metropolitan Region.

Surbana Jurong has been appointed the master planner for the Pune Metropolitan Region in India’s western state of Maharashtra.

Covering a region of over 7,000sq km, Pune is a fast-growing city with a rising population, quality human capital and promising economic growth. It sits just 150km away from India’s financial hub of Mumbai and is touted to be Maharashtra’s second growth engine.

The Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA), the planning and development authority for the region, aims for the city to become a world-class economic hub through sustainable, long-term growth.

Surbana Jurong receives loa

PMRDA Commissioner Kiran Gitte (left) presenting the Letter of Award to GCEO Wong Heang Fine at the 1st Maharashtra-Singapore Joint Committee Meeting, witnessed by Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Singapore’s Minister-in-charge of Trade Relations S Iswaran (back, centre and right).

With this in mind, Surbana Jurong has been tasked to conduct a review of the existing regional plans and to recommend an integrated master plan for future developments for the region. The planning process will be a joint effort with PMRDA and other related authorities. The master plan will guide the physical development through planning on land use, infrastructure and transportation, as well as provide a sustainability framework and identify strategic projects. The plans are expected to be delivered 10 months from the time of award.

In recent years, Surbana Jurong has actively participated in India’s urban and infrastructure developments. Other key projects in India include providing the master plans for Amaravati Capital City in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Hyderabad Pharma City, and providing design and engineering consultancy for KIMS Hospital Thonnakka, KIMS Hospital Trivandrum East and the Kolkata East-West Metro Line.

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