Feng Zhefei


Executive Engineer (Energy and Industrial)

Feng Zhefei is an Executive Engineer in the Energy & Industrial Division at Surbana Jurong Infrastructure. Her background in chemistry brought her extensive knowledge in chemical reactions, chemical process design and integration, chemical compositions and formulation. Her experience in energy related projects and master plan projects enable her to analyze, design, and produce complex solutions and innovative sub-systems, in regard to energy efficiency and low carbon alternatives.
In addition, she has been involved in early stage development for new energies deployment and feasibility studies of various projects, which includes new and innovative technical principles, theories, concepts, techniques and processes related to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) and hydrogen.

Zhefei holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Nanyang Technological University and a Master of Science degree from Singapore Management University.

Singapore’s Manufacturing Hub Status Impels Climate Change Action

Industry Needs to Co-own The Singapore Green Plan In Singapore, industry contributes 46 per cent of primary emissions1 and 14 per cent of secondary emissions. In terms of primary emissions, industry contribution is double that of the global average, due to Singapore’s manufacturing hub status. This industry spans across SMEs

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