Infrastructure & Training Solutions

We adopt a range of learning approaches and methodologies to enable our clients to achieve an effective, contextualised and realistic training and learning environment. This includes using smart technologies and data learning strategies, enabling the workforce through collaboration and upskilling, and simplifying learning through micro-learning and social learning.

We empower clients and partners with the following training and simulation capabilities:

Live Training

  • Indoor and outdoor live fire ranges, fire-fighting simulations, etc
  • Mock-ups for live fire training, such as airplanes, ships, and chemical hubs
  • Installation of ballistic, anti-ricochet, fire and sound protection materials in open, indoor and close quarter ranges

Live-Virtual Training

  • Scenario-based training (Video & CGI)
  • Judgmental training using state-of-the-art virtual training hardware, software and live fire screen

Constructive Training

  • Emergency response, tactical training
  • Command and control training

Training and Battlefield Simulation

Murai Urban Live Firing Facility (MULFAC)
Murai Urban Live Firing Facility (MULFAC)
Defence Services
Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC)
Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC)
Defence Services