How are architecture, engineering and managed services shaping our world? We talk to experts who are building cities and shaping lives globally.

We are a diverse collective of problem solvers for the built environment, continually reimagining ways to create a smart and sustainable future. This podcast isn’t just for experts – it’s for anyone interested to learn more about our cities and the communities who live, work and play in them.

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Shaping Lives Together: Building a Better World

How do we shape cities for people, while enabling all of us to shape our cities? Architects and designers have a crucial role to play in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future. Yeo Siew Haip, CEO, SJ Global Architecture (ASEAN and North Asia) and CEO, SAA Architects, shares how architects are designing people-oriented architecture that create meaningful connections between people, buildings and the cityscape.

Bottom-Up or Top-Down: Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Design

How do we balance the charm of an old city with the need for development and modern amenities? Urban Planning involves balancing diverse and often conflicting needs of many stakeholders in a community. Tan Eng Kiat, Deputy Director for Urban Planning and Design at Surbana Jurong, shares the finer points of designing cities for a sustainable future while meeting the needs of the present.

Beyond Mops and Buckets – Securing, Maintaining, and Transforming our Cities

“Facilities Management” – a critical part of building operations that is often not talked about unless something goes wrong. Jason Whitcombe, Group Director for Managed Services at Surbana Jurong, tells us why keeping homes and offices clean, safe and secure requires fresh thinking.

A Dam Good Energy Source – Sustainable Hydropower Development

What is the longest lasting source of renewable energy? While other forms of renewables need to be replaced regularly, dams have the potential to last centuries, while helping to mitigate floods and provide fresh water.

Karen Atkinson, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for SMEC Southeast Asia and board member of the International Hydropower Association, tells us more about sustainable hydropower development and “water batteries.”

Building Cities that Last: Designing for Maintainability

How do we lower the lifecycle emissions of our cities? We know that lowering operational carbon is one way, and designing buildings to last longer is another. What most people don’t know, though, is that buildings that are operated and maintained easily in fact lowers lifecycle emissions and keeps operational costs manageable.

Find out more about designing for maintainability with Praveen Chandrashekar, Head of SJ’s Sustainability and Resilience Office.

Maintainable Design Appraisal System (MiDAS) – https://www1.bca.gov.sg/buildsg/facilities-management-fm/design-for-maintainability/maintainable-design-appraisal-system-midas