Lin Yadong


Senior Consultant, Prostruct Consulting Pte Ltd


Security & Blast

Lin Yadong

Lin Yadong holds a BEng, Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is approved as Competent Person (Blast) by the Commissioner of Infrastructure Protection. Yadong’s primary responsibility is to provide technical expertise and assessment for the protection of people and critical assets to a comprehensive portfolio of clients in both public and private sectors. He is responsible for the analysis and design of buildings and infrastructure to achieve Security & blast protection objectives. He specializes in security & blast risk assessment & mitigation, security & blast master planning, protective design development and management of Security-By-Design project.

Yadong has worked in the defence industry for more than 9 years. He had collaborated with local and international partners from other technical agencies, universities and research centres to study technology development projects on blast mitigation and conducting blast tests. He is experienced in organising blast tests overseas to investigate the innovative blast mitigation solutions and blast resistance of various building materials. Yadong is also responsible for conducting blast tests for clients to investigate the blast resistance of protective elements.