Shao Yong


Senior Executive Planner

Shao Yong

Shao Yong joined the Surbana Jurong Group in May 2008, as Senior Executive Planner. Shao Yong holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design from China University of Mining and Technology, a Master Degree in Urban Design from National University of Singapore, and has more than 15 years working experience in the planning and design department of Surbana Jurong’s China and Singapore. He is also a member planner of SIP.

Shao Yong exhibits great communication skills and leadership in the projects he was tasked to coordinate. He has managed and completed many master planning and urban design projects with success, and earned overwhelming appreciation, satisfaction, and positive feedback.

City-Industry Integrated Planning and Development in Singapore

By SJ Economic and Industrial Planning Background City-industry integration is a central tenet of sustainable growth. By integrating diverse land uses, the elements of “industry” and “city” are to be well-balanced within a regional cluster. “Industry” refers to activities involving goods and services producing industries, while “city” refers to residences,

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