Dandora Sewage Treatment Plant

Located 30 km from Nairobi in Kenya, Dandora Estate Sewerage Treatment Plant features the largest wastewater stabilisation pond in Africa, treating 80,000 m³ of sewerage per day (80% of Nairobi’s wastewater).

The effluent from the treatment plant, which is discharged into Nairobi River for reuse, currently does not meet required quality standards due to overloading. In order to improve plant performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Kenya Athi Water Services Board (AWSB) proposed the construction of a new Energy Generating Facility that would utilise methane gas (produced by the stabilisation ponds) to generate power.

We were engaged by AWSB to complete a feasibility study, preliminary design and economic analysis of a new Energy Generating Facility at the Plant.

Scope of work included:

  • A study of current organic loadings to estimate the amount of gas released from the treatment process
  • Proposal of a gas collection method to help increase treatment capacity and improve treatment efficiency
  • Propose the best use of the gas, taking economic benefits into account Identify other potential uses of waste water, treated effluent and byproducts

This project will improve the plant’s performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by constructing an energy generating facility that utilises methane gas produced by the stabilisation ponds.


Quantity Surveying & Cost Management, Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy