G4 City Project

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We delivered the master plan and are the development managers of the G4 City project in Kazakhstan. Set to be a new economic hub in central Asia, our work helps our clients attract investors and promote sustainable economic growth in Kazakhstan, supporting the project’s potential to transform the Kazakh economy and make it more resilient to future shocks.

Located in the northward extension of Almaty City and the growth corridor of Almaty Region, Kazakhstan, G4 City project aims to be the new economic, knowledge, and global tourism hub for Kazakhstan, home to 2 million residents and 1.1 million new jobs. SJ CityGlobal team, commissioned by the Caspian Group, a private developer in Kazakhstan, conceptualised the master plan for the G4 City project in 2020.

The G4 City project sits along an important corridor linking Almaty City to western China and enjoys the strategic benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the region. It is positioned to become the “New Economic City and Global Tourism Hub along the Silk Route.” The G4 City project consists of four core development districts that are collectively equivalent to two-thirds the size of Singapore.

Our task then was to develop a comprehensive, integrated, and implementable master plan for G4 City that could achieve a holistic long-term vision and guide development and investments in the area, supported by a market-demand assessment.

Upon delivering the master plan in 2020, the Caspian Group further appointed us as the Development Manager to execute start-up projects and promote the G4 City project to international investors.

One of the key challenges of this mega-project is the efficient management of multiple public and private stakeholders. We tackle this challenge by helping our client conceptualise the vision of this project and support the pitch to the Kazakh Government, as well as promoting the project internationally. We are also the technical partner in the implementation agreement of the G4 City project.

SJ is placed in a unique position to do so as we bring with us our track-record in Singapore’s growth story as a benchmark and our experience in urban development. Our involvement in the G4 City project has helped fast track the development of G4 City and opened doors for business opportunity in Kazakhstan with international partners. Close to 50 representatives from the Caspian Group, government officials from the agriculture and infrastructure ministries of Kazakhstan, as well as companies from a range of sectors such as education, food and logistics heard from SJ CityGlobal experts about asset investment, land rights, taxation and other aspects of development. Through similar efforts, we hope to bring other Singapore and Singapore-based companies to be involved in this urbanization development. For a start, SJ has been working actively with Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Singapore Business Federation (SBF) to identify both business and collaboration opportunities.

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