Semarang Drinking Water Project

Access to clean water is not a given in many parts of the world. In Semarang, the capital of Central Java in Indonesia, only 62% of households had access to safe drinking water.

SMEC, one of the top water engineering consultants in Asia, played a pivotal role in providing the local communities of Semarang with a new and reliable drinking water supply through providing technical services and advisory on a piped network project that enhanced the delivery of clean water to 60,000 – 70,000 households.

Our client has expressed that SMEC’s advisory services and assistance were very meaningful to the successful delivery of the project, with the water supply system officially operating on 22 May 2021.

Our teams delivered technical designs, developed an accurate technical criteria evaluation system, and assisted the tender committee in conducting evaluations with a clear understanding of the procurement principles.

The project scope included conducting technical due diligence, updating the technical feasibility analysis and developing the preliminary basic design, as well as working together with legal and financial advisors to assess the feasibility and bankability of the project.

SMEC took on a technical advisory role in this public-private partnership model through PT Sarana Multi Infrastructure and the regional government of Semarang. In addition to helping communities to access clean drinking water, this project also importantly opened an opportunity for the private sector to invest in water supply infrastructure projects. It is the third water scheme in Indonesia implemented through a public-private partnership.

This project has helped to eradicate water-borne diseases and relieve land subsidence issues caused by excessive groundwater retrieval by unsolicited wells. We hope that it will also lead the way for further infrastructure projects to address Indonesia’s burgeoning need for safe and clean water.


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