Three Rivers Irrigation Project

Stanbroke Pastoral Company (Stanbroke) operate extensive land holdings in Queensland, breeding cattle for domestic and export markets. Stanbroke is seeking to diversify their activities, and have identified the potential for cropping in the south of Normanton.


The overall objective of this project is to sustainably grow cotton for the export market and utilise the cotton seed by-product as supplementary feed for beef cattle in the dry season. The project will comprise a 15,000 ha cotton farm and associated cotton ginnery.

Due to the seasonal availability of water resources, irrigation is a key requirement for production and operations.

The Three Rivers Irrigation Project (TRIP) will result in the establishment of irrigated cotton fibre and seed production, which will support construction of the ginnery and drive development of support industries in the region.

We are assisting Stanbroke Pty Ltd to prepare the Initial Advice Statement and Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBCA) referral for the Three Rivers Irrigation Project.

We will integrate desktop research and preliminary field assessments into the project documentation, which will help determine the environmental approval process for the project.

We are also undertaking concept engineering design and options assessment for all the associated infrastructure, including water capture, storage and distribution, as well as power supply.


Asset & Integrity Management, Facilities Management, Quantity Surveying & Cost Management