Velana International Airport

Surbana Jurong  was appointed to improve an existing plan for the Terminal building. The current Maldives International Airport has multiple capacity constraints. With the air-side, the single runway without parallel taxiway creates capacity constraints as planes are required to taxi on the runway.

Due to the configuration, some planes are ‘pushed back’ onto the runway which creates safety issues. The original terminal complex was not kept pace with the increasing passenger volume being a gateway to high-end resorts and outstanding natural scenery.

The revised design was  tendered as a design-and-build contract where Surbana Jurong conducted the review. Surbana Jurong was also engaged to undertake the role of Client Project Manager to represent and advise the client during the project execution stage.

The scope of work was further expanded to include pre-construction management and contractual advisory services.


Architecture, Engineering & Specialist Services, Project Management, Landscape Architecture