Navigating uncertainties and complexities of urban and infrastructure development can be deterring, especially with a growing focus on social value and sustainability. Having the support of a team of experienced professionals in their respective fields can help you unlock opportunities and run complex projects confidently.

We work with our clients to shape their goals, plan and manage projects based on their priorities. Our teams of experts provide fresh thinking and powerful new approaches to minimise uncertainties and solve complex problems. We optimise resources and ensuring that our clients run projects efficiently and get the best from their assets and resources.

We help our clients in the following areas:

Development Advisory | Workplace Strategy | Programme Management | Asset Optimisation | Mobility | Water | Energy | Climate Change and Resilience


Development Advisory

We provide comprehensive support to clients throughout the entire lifespan of their real estate project, from acquisition to execution. We begin by defining the project’s vision and strategy, taking into account market trends and commercial viability.

As the project progresses, we offer ongoing development management services, oversee the project’s progress and act as the client’s representative. This includes selecting consultants, monitoring project cash flow, and identifying potential risks. At the completion of construction, we help clients to maximize the project’s value through branding, marketing, and community development.

Clients without an in-house development team or are dealing with projects with high level of development risk in a low-return environment find our development advisory services particularly useful.

To learn more, get in touch with Nina Yang, CEO, SJ Cityglobal, Surbana Jurong or Billy Ang, Senior Manager, SJ CityGlobal, Surbana Jurong.

Workplace Strategy

Our approach to workplace design considers the impact of office trends on various aspects of an organization. We believe in finding a comprehensive solution that balances employee experience, efficiency, and owner benefits. Our workplace strategy involves rigorous research and data synthesis to define design drivers and the intended user experience. We adopt an iterative data analysis process to test and validate ideas throughout the design process.

Our goal is to build future-flexible workplace strategies that align with operational benchmarks and user experience expectations. We also provide workplace strategy advice to help clients leverage real estate costs against human resources costs. We prioritize engagement across the organization to bring the humanity back into decision making and create solutions that connect all dimensions of organizational life.

To learn more, get in touch with Patrick Fejer, CEO, B+H Architects.

Programme Management

We help clients achieve growth in their targeted markets by implementing effective Programme Management to drive changes in their business while managing associated risks in project delivery for both private and public sectors. We work closely with clients to establish an appropriate management platform, such as a Project Management Unit, Office or Support Office, that is strategically aligned and empowered to achieve desired outcomes.

Our Programme Management capabilities cover all stages of project delivery, including governance, maturity assessments, project prioritisation, engagement management, construction supervision, quality assurance, project health reviews, schedule reviews, dependency management and procurement management, all of which are essential to success. Our unique approach ensures that projects identified, budgeted, designed and constructed become assets to the project entity, contributing to return on investment.

To learn more, get in touch with Greg Palmer, Functional General Manager, SMEC.

Asset Optimisation

We help asset owners improve the utilisation of their resources, reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance profitability. We analyse the current status and performance of the assets, identify potential for improvement and study the associated costs and benefits. We develop optimisation strategies to improve maintenance processes, replace outdated or inefficient equipment, and use data-driven tools to monitor asset performance 24/7 through a customised preventive maintenance programme, regular audits and  recommend changes to be made to maintain and enhance the value of the assets.

Our advisory service can be further extended to the training of maintenance personnel, not only to ensure that the personnel have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their tasks effectively, but also to set targets, monitor KPIs and maintain open communication channels to encourage a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

To learn more, get in touch with James Chan, Managing Director, Facilities Management, Surbana Jurong or Craig Shelton, National Manager – Asset Management, SMEC.


Our mobility advisory service helps clients develop efficient, safe, and sustainable transportation systems that meet the needs of their communities. We work with a range of clients, from local authorities optimizing public transport routes to federal governments requiring advisory support for national freight plans. Our team of professionals brings global experience to each project and offers services in stakeholder engagement, feasibility studies, business cases, transportation planning and strategies, and road safety and traffic planning services.

We also explore how new energy systems can be incorporated into public transport, how major intermodal freight facilities will operate with advanced technology, and how mode shifts from road to rail can create social value and improve global supply chains. Our engineering background helps clients develop risk mitigation strategies based on real engineering methods, and we also offer longer-term project management services for clients who require impartiality and continuity of knowledge and project vision.

By working closely with our clients early in the project development process, we are able to influence for maximum value for all parties, especially on major projects where risk management and certainty are crucial.

To learn more, get in touch with David Blair, National Sector Leader – Transport Planning & Advisory, SMEC.


We provide water project advisory services to our clients, covering a range of issues such as business case preparation, site selection, land use considerations, and urban planning approvals. Our experts also assist with demand modelling, population growth forecasting, and asset valuations and condition assessments. We help with decarbonisation, reviewing operational efficiency, and assessing social impacts, including community and indigenous heritage matters.

Additionally, we offer support in critical infrastructure matters, such as crime prevention, physical security, cyber security, and risk and vulnerability assessments. Our advisory service caters to clients planning new urban projects or enhancing existing assets. We can also assist with carbon assessment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more, get in touch with Bob Tilbury, Market Director, SMEC.


We help our clients reduce their carbon emissions and transition to low and zero carbon energy sources to meet global climate change and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets. Using our expertise in various industries and energy sectors, we advise our clients on adopting renewable and new energy solutions, as well as carbon capture and storage options. We work with clients to develop customized pathways for embracing future energy solutions, taking into account technological implications, commercial assessments, and local regulatory knowledge.

Our advisory services cover hydrogen and ammonia value chains, energy storage systems, and other power and energy solutions. With our support, clients can implement practical and energy-efficient solutions tailored to their needs.

To learn more, get in touch with Tan Wooi Leong, Managing Director, Energy & Industrial, Surbana Jurong.

Climate Change and Resilience

Climate change is impacting biodiversity, health, and assets, posing threats like droughts, rising sea levels, and urban heat effects. However, these challenges offer opportunities to find innovative ways to protect ecosystems, coasts, and resources while advancing net-zero goals. As building and infrastructure designers, we help our clients reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide advice on adapting to climate change, resilience, and regeneration.

Our services include assessing the resiliency of critical infrastructure like healthcare, energy, and transportation, as well as advising on procurement models and creating socially equitable places. We also help clients plan for resource recovery, decarbonsation of assets, and renewable energy options. Our scope of services encompasses climate change adaptation planning and policy.

To learn more, get in touch with Patrick Bellew, Principal, Atelier Ten or Nico Kienzl, Director, Atelier Ten.

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