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Surbana Jurong Group Celebrates its 6th Anniversary

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SJSparklers MobileBanner 414X340

Just six years ago on 22 June 2015, Surbana Jurong Group was formed to create ​a powerhouse in urban and infrastructure solutions for a smart and sustainable built environment. ​Our mission: build cities and shape lives.

The company has grown from strength to strength. In a letter to employees, Mr Wong Heang Fine, the Group CEO of the 16,000-strong Group, said: This past year has tested us as a company and as individuals in ways we never imagined. We’ve been forced to adapt, work harder and increase collaboration to keep the business going and protect jobs for all. We’ve coped with myriad demands beyond work and made personal sacrifices. The resolve and commitment I’ve seen from teams across our global operations have been nothing short of amazing.”

Also unveiled were our SJ Group Sparklers 2021, which reveal 60 fast facts about the impact we are making on the world. 

 Increasingly, Surbana Jurong Group is being recognised for our expertise in sustainability. Recent media coverage includes a Channel NewsAsia podcast with Atelier Ten’s Patrick Bellew, The Edge: SJ transforms green goals into reality and Business Times: SJ pushing boundaries to attract talent, promote sustainability.

Fundraiser screengrab

A screengrab of Surbana Jurong’s month-long virtual fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Across the group, we are also taking effort to do good for a better future. For example, SMEC Foundation is helping to develop communities and reduce poverty sustainably in different parts of the world. In conjunction with our sixth anniversary, SJ colleagues have embarked on a month-long cycle, walk and jog fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity Singapore, part of an international charity for poverty alleviation. We are already closing in on the target of $46,000 at the time of writing and the figure is expected to grow before the fundraiser ends on 19 July 2021.

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