Surbana Jurong Group Celebrates 7 Years

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Building Cities, Shaping Lives in an uncertain world

Every day, 16,000 professionals across 40 countries come together to turn the blueprint into reality, all united by the passion to build a more sustainable and more resilient future for communities around the world. SJ Bulletin celebrates our diverse and multi-disciplinary talent across the Group. 


(From left) Elga Niemann (Atelier Ten); Xiong Bin (Sino Sun); Magdalene Ng (AETOS); Jamie Miller (B+H)

Ms Elga Niemann, Associate Director (Lighting), Atelier Ten, believes good design in lighting can increase energy efficiency while transforming spaces and structures.

Mr Xiong Bin, a Structural Engineer with Sino-Sun.

Ms Magdalene Ng, a VP in Integrated Enterprise Services and Sustainability at AETOS, worked with a sustainability start-up to create a sustainable physical training kit that requires fewer washes.

Mr Jamie Miller, Director of Biomimicry and Senior Associate at B+H Architects looks to nature for solutions in sustainability and resiliency.

SJ7 row 2

(From left) Mr Brian Meinrath (Atelier Ten); Ms Yarp Sue Ann (KTP); Ms Holly Jordan (B+H); Mr Andrew Tan (Prostruct)

Mr Brian Meinrath, Associate Director in Atelier Ten’s San Francisco office, is working on harnessing geothermal energy.

Ms Yarp Sue Ann, a Principal Engineer with KTP Consultants, believes that restoring heritage buildings can reduce wastage.

Ms Holly Jordan, Principal B+H Architects, regards sustainability as the “glue” between her training in engineering and architecture.

Mr Andrew Tan, a Senior Executive Engineer in Security and Blast with Prostruct, whose work protects buildings so that they continue to function despite malicious attacks.

SJ7 row 3

(From left) Mr Daniel Sambell (RBG); Mr Aidil Shukor (SAA); Mr Zuo Hai (SJ Energy & Industrial); Ms Vivian Tan (SJ Smart Cities)

Mr Daniel Sambell, the Group Virtual Design and Construction Lead for RBG, whose work increases clear communication and stakeholder engagement in every project.

Mr Aidil Shukor, a Director at SAA Architects, is working to deliver a futuristic space for advanced manufacturing and robotics.

Mr Zuo Hai, a Principal Engineer (Power) at Surbana Jurong’s Energy & Industrial team, wants to contribute to the energy transition of Singapore.

Ms Vivian Tan, an Executive Data Scientist at Surbana Jurong’s Smart Cities team, wants to harness data to help clients make more sustainable decisions

SJ7 row 4

(From left) Mr Tung Xuan Bui (SMEC Vietnam); Ms Nirvana Searle (SMEC ANZ); Ms Tan Yok Joo (SJ architecture); Dr. Huang Yi Chun (SJ North Asia)

Mr Tung Xuan Bui, an Environmental and Social Engineer with SMEC Vietnam, advocates careful planning from an early stage to advance net-zero goals.

Ms Nirvana Searle, an Associate Environmental Scientist with SMEC, is helping to keep habitats for plants and animals healthy.

Ms Tan Yok Joo, a Director at SJ architecture, is helping to raise food security and resiliency by designing vertical fish farms and other urban farming projects.

Dr Huang Yi Chun, the General Manager of Sustainability Design in Surbana Jurong North Asia, wants to change mindsets about sustainability in China’s BE industry.

These four recent SJ Pictures productions demonstrate how we are building the future.

Screenshot videos

(Clockwise from top left) Mr Alfred Fox CEO AETOS on the launch of the 5G Integrated Command Centre; the Sengkang Dormitory project (SJ architecture); Mr Stephane Lasserre (B+H); Dr Huang Yi Chun (SJ North Asia)

  1. AETOS delivers smarter, safer, and more sustainable solutions with 5G Integrated Command Centre. 
  2. From Dorm to Home: The Making of an Adaptable Workers’ Dormitory for a Covid-Resilient Future.
  3. SMEC delivers the NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 for enhanced connectivity in the Philippines
  4. Undercover Urban Farmer: A B+H Architect’s Quest to Raise Food Resiliency in Singapore. This offers an unusual look at how Singapore can farm cool-climate crops in the tropics.


Happy 7th Anniversary to the Surbana Jurong Group! Follow our website and LinkedIn page for more

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