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Issue 4
Healing our World
As the need to fight climate change grows, the need for sustainable construction with low-impact buildings has never been more critical today.
Transforming Generations, Sustainably
How Architects and Engineers can help communities to prosper
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Better Water Supply And Safer Transport For Millions

Nirup Jayanth
Ramkumar Thambiraj
Nirup Jayanth
Ramkumar Thambiraj
SJ (South and Central Asia Division)
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Planning a Disaster- Resilient City
A showcase for smart sustainability in the Philippines
Jonace Vincent Cebu Bascon
Surbana Jurong
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The Design Legacy of Punggol Waterway
Recycling materials with landscape design to boost sustainability and biodiversity
Yamuna D Cruz
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Restoring the Art Deco masterpiece of Temasek Shophouse
Transforming a forgotten relic into a space full of light and purpose
David Oktavianus
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