Autonomous Drone System

In collaboration with Singapore Police Force (SPF), Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) partnered Airobotics and SJ Defence to deploy the drone box system to enhance ground operations during the circuit breaker period to trial deploy drone technology to support SPF’s ground operations.

HTX is currently trialing the system in real operations and collecting critical operating data to evaluate the feasibility of using this advanced technology to perform remote viewing of wide and difficult-to-access areas, in a safer and more cost efficient way.

As a completely automatic unmanned aerial system, the first of its kind in the global market, Airobotics enables governments and industrial companies to leverage the power of drones without the need for a human operator. Airobotics’ platform provides professionals with the ability to run missions automatically, to monitor, inspect, survey, and secure urban areas, as well as large industrial facilities.

The Airobotics’ automatic platform is comprised of three parts: “Optimus”, a large, high capacity drone capable of flying 45-minute missions while carrying a one-kilogram mission specific payload; an “Airbase”, a completely automated base station from which the Optimus drone launches and lands on its own, without any human intervention; and “Software”, an integrated, dynamic software that enables users to control and manage missions with one click.

SJ Defence provides logistics management, operations coordination and ground safety observers in the drones deployment.

Read more about the system here.

Source: Home Team Science and Technology Agency, Airobotics 


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