SkyResidence @ Dawson

SkyResidence @ Dawson is a stunning residential development that seamlessly combines high-density living with a deep appreciation for the site's rich heritage and history. Located in the heart of Queenstown, Singapore's first satellite town, the development embraces the town's storied past as a test bed for public housing in the 1950s and 60s. The development is the realisation of one of many proposals and projects unveiled under the “Housing in a Park” vision announced in 2007.

The design of SkyResidence @ Dawson is guided by the site’s previous Town Square, which remains a central feature of the development. The site is zoned using a circular cluster concept, with six Angsana trees that have stood the test of time since the days of the Town Square, dictating the geometries of the towers and bringing a sense of civic quality to the new Central Square.

One of the most striking features of the development is the Green Ribbon, an elevated landscaped garden stitching together the eight residential towers. Starting from above the main drop-off, the Green Ribbon gradually weaves around the towers till it reaches the eighth storey of the multistorey carpark at the other end of the site. The Green Ribbon includes play areas, fitness stations, relaxation corners, and a continuous path of almost 800 metres linking all residential blocks. The two sky terraces, located on the 27th storey, offer cosy and tranquil spaces like reading corners and seating areas for the convenience of residents.

The development also features a central public space, where a former market building has been conserved and converted for commercial use. Some existing mature trees within the precinct have been retained to provide greenery, and a landscape deck connects all blocks to a variety of recreational and communal activities. Residents can exercise at the adult and elderly fitness stations or simply enjoy the views from the sky terraces.

Under the “White Spaces” initiative, common areas have been designed within the precinct without any pre-conceived designs for residents to play a part in transforming these spaces into vibrant community spots for all to enjoy.

SkyResidence @ Dawson is a beautiful example of how a development can embrace its heritage while offering residents modern, high-density living spaces and ample communal areas for socialising, relaxation, and exercise.

For its innovative design, the project was accorded the HDB Design Award 2023.

1,217 units of 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room flats were built to cater to residential needs


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