Galaba Square Underground Road Tunnel Complex

The multi-tier road tunnel complex at Galaba Square in Baku consists of six underground road tunnels, eight pedestrian crossing, and two new exits at the Ganjlik metro station. The road tunnel complex was the largest road tunnel infrastructure project in Baku at its time and greatly contributes to the elimination of traffic congestion in the area.

The road tunnels are 5.5 metres high and 10.5 to 22 metres wide with a combined length of more than 2 kilometres. The road tunnels were completed in around 3 years and opened in September 2013.

Surbana Jurong was appointed in 2010 to provide comprehensive traffic engineering and civil engineering consultancy services, which included traffic planning, detailed design, and supervision of the major road junction improvement. The detailed design for the underground road tunnel consisted of the permanent box tunnel structure designed for seismic loading, and the temporary work design for the open cut excavation. Construction impact assessment was conducted for the surrounding structures and CBP wall was adopted to minimize impact to the adjacent metro line constructed in 1967.

Largest road tunnel
infrastructure project in Baku at its time


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