Genome Valley

Surbana Jurong has recently completed the Genome Valley 2.0 Concept Master Plan occupying 125 sq km land in the eastern suburbs of Hyderabad. The master plan was conceptualised to drive the comprehensive development for Genome Valley. Today it houses 200 global and national life science and pharmaceutical companies with a workforce of 10,000. The development has the potential to grow as a strong economic centre of the region and to put forth Telangana’s aspiration for global R&D hub.

Genome Valley 2.0 is envisioned as a “Gateway of East Hyderabad” with a world-class Innovation and Knowledge City, focused to attract major life sciences, R&D units and diversified industrial clusters. To realise the vision, four distinct development goals are established with a focus on transformation of Genome Valley 2.0:


  • “An Integrated and Connected city” – focused on planning a transit-oriented development and achieving seamless connectivity and access to site from Hyderabad city.
  • “An Innovative and Vibrant Economic city” – creating ample employment opportunities capable of attracting top level organisations and talents.
  • “A Liveable and Self-Sustained city” – the prospects and opportunities in the region will aid in decentralising the congested city, attracting people with choices for residential areas located closer to workplace.
  • “An Ecologically Sustained and Enriched city” – The unique location of Genome Valley 2.0, nestled within the green reserve forests, creates a climate positive environment.

To conserve the environmentally sensitive areas around Genome Valley, priority projects identified consist of conservation and enhancement strategies for the green spaces in the region. The vision, goals and strategies for Genome Valley 2.0 will be instrumental in the region’s growth as an economic centre, establishing connect with Hyderabad and transforming Genome Valley into a global knowledge hub.


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