The Interpol Global Complex

The Interpol Global Complex is housed in a state-of-the-art building, reflecting the innovative and dynamic activities that are carried out there.

The Interpol Global Complex meets high environmental standards through a combination of the choice and recycling of materials used, energy efficiency, use of water and greenery.

The 6-storey Interpol Global Complex houses offices, training rooms and meeting rooms. A light and airy entrance leads to a semi-public zone with a conference room, an event/showcase/exhibition area and a cafeteria. The silver-blue metallic façade ensures as much daylight enters the building as possible through its opaque glass, while limiting its impact on computer screens.

The Interpol Global Complex also uses sustainable and renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, a “trickle” ventilation system that provides even air flow, and efficient window glazing combined with shades that come down at the peak of the day. Vegetation on and around the building provides a natural and pleasant environment.


Project Management, Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy