Kigali City Master Plan

The master plan transforms Kigali into a great city to live and work in by strategically guiding its development through optimal land use and facilitating rapid economic growth.

Through the inclusive and participatory master plan, the city is positioned as a financial hub of east-central Africa to attract investments and create employment. Kigali’s development is characterised by a rejuvenation of the existing urban areas, transit-oriented growth, greater focus on affordable housing development in the suburban areas and the implementation of an attractive green network system.

Surbana Jurong’s master plan for Kigali City won the Best Overseas Planning Project Award 2010 and Best Planning Project 2013 in the Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) Planning Awards.

Following a review of the Kigali City master plan in 2018, Surbana Jurong was engaged by the Rwanda Housing Authority to design the master plans for six secondary cities in Rwanda. Read more.

In the SIP Planning Awards 2021, Surbana Jurong was awarded Gold for Excellence in Planning > 5,000 HA, and Gold for Excellence in Planning for Community Engagement & Social Inclusiveness for the Kigali City master plan review.

730 square kilometres
site area

Gold for Excellence in Planning > 5,000 HA
Singapore Institute of Planning Planning Awards 2021


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