KIMS Hospital, Thonnakkal

KIMS Hospital, Thonnakkal is a center for healing that reminisces the terrace farms in the western ghats. From a wetland conservation program to integrated greens on the building facade and terraces, this is the ultimate medical tourism destination.

KIMS Hospital, Thonnakkal’s project design evokes a natural healing landscape and harmonises with the terrain of the site, flowing towards the protected wetlands at the lower end of the site. KIMS Hospital, Thonnakkal’s building mass is split to create a landscaped terrace between a “Fast Medicine” block and a “Slow Medicine” block for shorter and longer stay patients respectively. Activity centres, dining areas and therapeutic gardens are built at ward level to encourage patients to move around and participate in rehabilitative therapy. KIMS Hospital, Thonnakkal accommodates up to 300 beds and houses a full suite of operating theatres, outpatient departments, ERs, ICUs, as well as facilities for diagnostic imaging and birthing.

The project is a collaboration between our Singapore and India teams.

8 acres
site area



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