Longping Modern Industrial Park

The Longping modern industrial park is an 81-hectare development situated within the larger Longping Hi-Tech Park, which is one of four industrial parks of Changsha High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.

This development is a multi-level high-rise industrial real estate which houses companies in industries such as biotechnology, manufacturing and information technology. Designed to be a showcase for high tech industries in China, the industrial park will provide shared space and supporting facilities to residents and employees.

Surbana Jurong’s development management team was appointed to optimise the concept master plan delivered by the local design institution. The scope of work includes providing economic studies to sharpen the industrial positioning, conducting financial feasibility to evaluate the viability of the development, introducing suitable business model and development strategies to support client with their development vision and the project transformation.


Site Area
81 ha

1.7 million sqm


Development Management