Multi-Mission Range Complex (MMRC)

The Multi-Mission Range Complex (MMRC) is the first-of-its-kind, one-stop marksmanship excellence training hub for the Third Generation SAF. Since February 2013, more than 80,000 soldiers (Full-time National Servicemen and Operationally Ready National Servicemen) have trained at the facility annually. MMRC is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and incorporates best practices in the complex’s suite of live-firing, simulation, information technology and automation systems.

MMRC provides the SAF with realistic, day/night and all-weather marksmanship training to meet diverse training needs, ranging from traditional shooting practices to advanced marksmanship programmes. The advanced Video Targetry System enhances training realism with each shooter’s simulated mission unfolding differently depending on their reaction, judgement and shooting accuracy. Each shot is determined with millimetre precision by the precision acoustic technologies installed behind the target screen. Flexible lighting control realistically simulates various light conditions such as daylight, moonlight, starlight and silhouette environments to meet dynamic training needs.

SJ Defence provided its range specialist services for the design, construction and installation of MMRC.  We are currently operating and maintaining the training facility together with our partners.

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Source: MINDEF Singapore


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