New Ordos Airport

The challenge was to deliver an airport that serves as a grand gateway to Inner Mongolia in response to rapid tourism growth and requirements for future expansion.

A traveler’s experience of a new destination will begin with their arrival at the local airport and depends on many factors including the facility’s walking distances, way-finding, processing time and amenities. A well-designed airport will take these aspects into consideration and will also attempt to convey a sense of the local culture and encompassing landscape, appealing to a traveler’s sense of wonder and adventure. A member of the Surbana Jurong Group, B+H Architects’ design for the New Ordos Airport took all these elements into consideration.

The airport’s most compelling interior feature is a sun-filled check-in hall that’s covered by a grand dome inspired by a Mongolian yurt. This space is used to highlight art reflecting the culture of Inner Mongolia with murals depicting the history of the area. Responding to its environment, the building’s low profile harmonizes with its surroundings while sinuous rooflines mirror the natural landscape.

Sustainable design elements include details that block the interior from the heat of the summer sun while allowing for solar gain in the winter. The sunlit departure hall and Winter Garden in the check-in area serve as bio filters that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Rainwater is collected for irrigation and bathrooms and natural ventilation is used throughout to reduce peak energy costs. The airport is also designed to allow for future growth and expansion. Currently maintaining an efficient flow of passengers, new gates can be added with minimal construction and cost when the region sees another increase in tourism and travel.