Woodlands Health Campus

Designed by SAA Architects, the Woodlands Health Campus envisions person-centric and quality healthcare for the community of the future by integrating three components – a strong ecosystem for community care, green spaces for patient healing and SMART technology.

Woodlands Health Campus is Singapore’s first hospital with purpose-built parkland for patient healing, social interaction, and staff well-being. The design amalgamates new care models, technological innovation and medical planning into a single, seamless facility comprising of an integrated Acute and Community Hospital (ACH), Specialist Outpatient Clinics (SOC) and Long-Term Care Facility (LTC).

Designed to bring people, nature and healing together, Woodlands Health Campus has greenery woven horizontally and vertically throughout the development, serving healing and therapeutic purposes for patients, staff, and the wider community. The ground level is vehicle-free for pedestrians in an open campus design, encouraging the community to walk in and enjoy the campus grounds.

Along with the passive design features in the buildings, the facility’s sustainable features will bring about 30 per cent in energy savings. The passive design features in the buildings, PV panels on the roof and greenery on the facade limit heat gain while encouraging wind flow through spaces. The open ground level spaces double up as rainwater collection channels for irrigation of the green spaces.

The SOC is placed close to the bus-stops and MRT, encouraging use of public transport. Clinical and allied health specialties are clustered according to service lines so that patients with co-morbidity will be able to consult specialists, nurses and therapists within a single touchpoint.

The LTC is a dementia-friendly facility with a cluster-living environment that promotes the dignity of residents and encourages visitation. A childcare centre is also integrated into the LTC.

The three blocks (ACH, SOC and LTC) are linked by bridges and share centralised resources such as underground car parking, a logistics hub and refuse disposal facilities where SMART technology automate dispensing and centralise records for easy access.



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