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AETOS’ new 5G integrated command centre helps businesses track security and green targets

AETOS integrated command centre was launched on 16 March 2022
AETOS integrated command centre was launched on 16 March 2022

(Above) A view of AETOS’ new 5G integrated command center which offers remote monitoring capabilities in a single dashboard.  (Below) Mr. Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development (second from left), and Mr. Chaly Mah, Surbana Jurong Group Chairman (second from right) at the launch of the command centre. Looking on are SJ Group CEO Wong Heang Fine (left) and AETOS CEO Alfred Fox (right).

Launch of AETOS Command Centre by Mr Desmond Lee MInister for National Development with SJ Group leaders

AETOS’ new 5G Integrated Command Centre (ICC) was officially launched in March by Mr. Desmond Lee, Singapore’s Minister for National Development this morning. The first of its kind in Singapore, the ICC aggregates data from mechanical and electrical systems, sensors, IoT systems, and security cameras deployed at various sites managed by AETOS to improve security, safety facilities management, and sustainability tracking.

This provides AETOS with expanded capacity and remote monitoring capabilities beyond security; visualizing and unifying operations across Singapore on a single dashboard. AETOS officers can also access 3D digital twins of the buildings under AETOS’s portfolio.

Working with the Surbana Jurong’s Facilities Management (FM) teams, AETOS is among the first organizations in Singapore to offer the unified capabilities of security, safety, FM, and sustainability. Besides monitoring security, safety, and FM operations via the advanced platform, the ICC can help clients track total carbon emissions and real-time efficiency levels.

The data collected from various subsystems such as loTs, CCTVs, and databases island-wide feed into an AI alert-based automated workflow process, triggering work orders instantly. 

Insights gained from collecting and monitoring data such as water and energy consumption, CO2/VOC and even vehicle fleet movements can help to track clients’ progress against carbon reduction targets, vital for achieving their 2030 sustainability goals. 

Operations that used to be managed in silos can now be streamlined more efficiently. Businesses leveraging the platform will expect to see an improvement in outcome-based performance indicators and much greater productivity.

Minister Lee said in his speech on 16 March he hoped more firms will follow AETOS’s example, and pursue transformation in the FM industry, adding that the Singapore government will drive the use of integrated FM and aggregated FM for public sector buildings. Read more.

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