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An Interview with Jarrad Warhurst – Winner of the Most Promising Professional of the Year (Male) 2019

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How to be the nice guy that finishes first

Lead y empowering your team to run at their speed

Since Jarrad Warhurst joined Robert Bird Group eight years ago at 23, he has been promoted almost every year since 2011 – from an Undergraduate Engineer in Melbourne to Director in of the Construction Engineering (CE) Division in London in 2019. The engineering graduate from Victoria University even worked in Adelaide and Dubai before his posting to London. Just as his bosses note consistently that he outperforms his peers, their reviews chorus with how he brings positivity to the team and transforming his co-workers.

Yes, Jarrad is a people magnet and one equipped with a high level of self-awareness and discipline. “In my career I have always gone the extra mile to achieve successful outcomes for the projects I work on and for the people I work with,” he says. “I believe that by being passionate and highly motivated, your energy will help inspire the people around you.”

While he is thrilled to win SJ’s Most Promising Professional Award (Male), he believes his team is integral to their success as a whole. “It’s great to be recognised for the years of dedication and hard work. RBG has nurtured me and given me amazing opportunities to work on some of the best projects in the world. I do need to recognise the support that my team in CE and the RBG business leaders have offered me.”

Just as how RBG has allowed Jarrad to “grow at my own speed”, he believes that to lead others is to start with the realisation that people have independent motivations. “It’s important to set a clear vision for the team but give each person the autonomy and empowerment to be motivated in their own right, giving them the support necessary to succeed,” he says.  

Jarrad has three tips to help other succeed. “First, realise that hard work and dedication will only get you so far. Second, building networks and relationships both internally and externally are extremely important for your personal and professional development. This allows you to take on board a multitude of views and opinions, helping you steer a course of your own accord. I have been fortunate to have amazing people support me throughout my career, where I have also gone above and beyond to support them in return.”

Most importantly, Jarrad believes you should know yourself, come what may. “Being self-aware means understanding and acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures, and that is hugely empowering for what the future holds.”

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