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Optimising client assets: Surbana Jurong’s Managed Services integrates four key services in one delivery model

i2 2019 optimising 02
i2 2019 optimising 02

Recognising the need of building and facilities owners to have comprehensive, seamless and value-adding support, Surbana Jurong has launched Integrated Managed Services, which brings to clients four complementary services under one service delivery model.

The services are:

  1. Asset and Integrity Management
  2. Facilities Management
  3. Security Services & Solutions
  4. Smart City Solutions.

Jason Whitcombe, Group Director of Managed Services at Surbana Jurong, explains how clients can benefit from this integrated service offering to extract more potential from their businesses:

Optimising client assets: Surbana Jurong’s Managed Services integrates four key services in one delivery model

How does Integrated Managed Services help clients?

Integrated Managed Services is a service delivery model that brings together the key deliverables of four services – asset management, security services, smart city solutions and facilities management – under a single operating structure and contract. We have brought these four services together as we have identified that these are four critical areas of support often required by building and facilities owners. By providing all four services to clients under a single contract, we are able to provide clients with the benefits of more holistic oversight, cost savings, lower risk and ultimately, better performance.

Why should clients engage Surbana Jurong on this integrated service?

Our unique offering to the market is that the four services are market leaders in their own right. Each service brings with it years of strong and quality experience. Asset Management and Smart City Solutions, for example, are services which we offer worldwide, so we can bring global best practices to clients.

Furthermore, we provide full flexibility to our clients in how they would like to package the service offerings, and we will work closely with them to customise to their requirements.

Could you give an example of how a client can benefit from having the four services working together?

Today, many companies procure services independently – this can be expensive and risky, particularly if service providers are motivated by different outcomes.

With Surbana Jurong’s slate of four services working together, we can, for example, optimise operations through Asset Management, manage and maintain buildings and infrastructure through Facilities Management, and monitor and analyse asset performance with Smart Cities. This can all be done in a safe and secure environment under the professional watch of AETOS, our security solutions provider, through a single, shared, command centre.

What kind of clients will see greater benefits from this integrated operating structure?

Asset heavy organisations and large-scale developments, where a complex ecosystem of buildings, roads and various operating infrastructure will all need management and maintenance. We can take much of this management work away from the client, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Learn more about Managed Services at Or email your queries to [email protected].

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