Water supply project to benefit 1,088 villages in India

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i2 2019 india water 01 e1591594472205

Gaurav Srivastava, SMEC India’s Director, Operations, after signing the project contract with K K Dubey, Technical Advisor, State Water and Sanitation Mission, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India.

As part of the Indian government’s strategic plan to ensure the security of drinking water in rural India, Uttar Pradesh’s Department of Rural Development has engaged SMEC as consultant for water supply schemes that will benefit 1,088 villages in the Sonbhadra district.

SMEC, a member of the Surbana Jurong Group, will provide consultancy on the overall planning, engineering survey design and preparation of detailed reports for the piped drinking water supply schemes. SMEC’s strong local presence in India, excellent track record of completed projects in the irrigation and road sectors, and global expertise in water supply projects were key to securing this win.

SMEC has played a dominant role in the development and management of water supply, wastewater and sanitation systems in developed and developing countries for over 40 years. Its experience is extensive, ranging from rural, community-based water supply systems, and stormwater and wastewater reuse schemes, through to the development of major desalination and water treatment facilities.

Its global team of engineers provide expert, multidisciplinary water engineering and management services, and adopt a cross-sectoral approach that incorporates community participation, environment and training aspects into all projects.

In this case study on South Tarawa’s sanitation improvement project, find out how SMEC was involved in improving water and sanitation services for the people of Tarawa, Kiribati:

Water supply project to benefit 1,088 villages in India

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