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Digital Tools At The Helm of Quantity Surveyors

The Quantity Surveyor’s (QS) profession has come a long way from the card and shuffle days to using proprietary software that help in “taking off” (the measurement and description of the items required for a construction project) and bills of quantities. However, with the push of building information modelling (BIM), many things have changed both on the design and measurement aspects. Even visualisation is largely transformed, and gone were the days when we had to imagine how designs were like in 3D.

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Chasing Carbon, Touching Technology

By SJ Global Academy Chicken Little famously claimed that the “sky is falling”. When it comes to climate change, Chicken Little is right. The existential threats are real and irreversible, if it is without a global movement supporting progressive policy actions and legislations. Carbon dioxide is the most anthropogenic of the greenhouse gases because it […]

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Digital Twins or Triplets

By SJ Global Academy A “pretty large bang” was heard by the crew of Apollo 13 two days after their launch from the Kennedy Space Centre on 11th April 1970. This was followed by the immortal words “Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here”. The ignition and blast from an exposed wire inside an oxygen […]

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Digital Technology Investments A Differentiator Amidst Crisis

By SJ Global Academy and Surbana Jurong’s Smart Cities Solutions The COVID-19 outbreak is global, and increasing in intensity. Stringent measures have been adopted around the world to contain the virus, severely limiting economic activity. This has put a strain on many industries including the built environment industry, disrupting operations and forcing delays. In trying […]

BIM Me One More Time

By Robert Bird Group In the beginning of 2019, the Robert Bird Group (RBG) embarked on an ambitious journey within our Engineering and Technology (E&T) Platform. The aim was to increase the uptake of engineering and technological initiatives and upskill our staff within the confines of our core business, which is engineering. Building Information Modelling [...]

Flooding: How Can Cities Be Prepared for an Increasingly Unpredictable Future?

By Dr Lee Jian Xing Lead Principal Consultant, Smart City Solutions, Surbana Jurong 2018 was a year of unprecedented global weather events. In Asia, Super Typhoon Mangkhut brought close to $50 billion in damages to Hong Kong and China, on top of $16 to $20 billion it exacted from the Philippines (Yap et al., 2018), [...]

Powering the Water Sector Using Smart Technology

By Bob Tilbury Market Director, SMEC Flowing and Taking Form, Digitally Universally, the Water Sector has embarked on a journey towards digital transformation, in tandem with the technology shifts happening in other infrastructure industries. Smart technology has crept into our lives, in ways we do our work as designers, and how various infrastructure owners operate […]