Bedok Food City

As the winner of the Housing Development Board’s Bedok Food City design competition, we add yet another industrial building typology to our forte.

The project scope encompasses multi-disciplinary consultancy services for the stack-up, ramp-up, 6-storey food facility located at Bedok North Avenue 4.

Bedok Food City is a multi-storey and multi-tenanted hub for food industries. The new complex comprises around 140 units featuring spatial optimization, modularity of expansion and is designed to maintain food safety and hygiene. Passive design features consist of a central courtyard and strategic located gaps on the plan to introduce porosity and ensure natural day lighting and cross ventilation, which is especially important for the removal of exhaust and odour emissions.

The team pushed the boundaries of passive design in the competition, embracing natural ventilation as the key design driver. The result is a development that eschews mechanical ventilation for the driveways and production spaces, and in the area of smoke control. At the micro design level, careful thought was given in the provision of dedicated exhaust shafts, flues, diesel and gas supply.

Green Mark - Platinum
Building Construction Authority of Singapore

4.29 hectares
site area


Architecture & Landscaping, Engineering & Specialist Services