Detour Gold Asset Management Improvement Programme

Our client, Canadian intermediate gold producer Detour Gold, owns and operates the Detour Lake mine in northern Ontario. Detour Lake is a large-scale open pit operation, and is the second largest gold producing mine in the country with the largest gold reserves to date. In early 2014, we commenced an asset management assessment to identify the main improvement areas for the mine’s process plant and mining operations.

The areas included: improvements to the maintenance and supply chain processes; review of non-scheduled downtime of equipment to reduce financial losses; an asset management plan for the operation lifecycle; increase expertise within the maintenance and supply chain teams; and enhance the employees’ knowledge and capabilities of the SAP business system.

The improvement program delivered:

  • An overall asset management maturity level increase from 1.3 to 2.1An increase of backlog work from zero weeks to four weeks
  • 70% increase in plant maintenance compliance
  • 30% increase in capacity utilisation
  • 50% increase in schedule compliance
  • Implementation of a reliability strategy that focussed on resolving the most important issues
  • Positive shift in utilising SAP plant maintenance in managing maintenance activities and expenditure
  • Significant improvement in the supply chain function
  • Significant reduction of direct purchases.


Asset & Integrity Management, Facilities Management