Temasek Polytechnic

Surbana Jurong will deploy one of the largest Integrated Facilities Management platforms at Temasek Polytechnic. The programme will deploy more than 3,000 sensors across the campus to provide real-time accurate data to a digital twin that can identify faults, anticipate risks and predict changing facility conditions with unprecedented accuracy.

The Digital IFM platform will collect and monitor data from the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system to ensure that temperature and humidity levels remain healthy for students and campus staff. Sensors installed at various locations around the campus will also be able to keep tabs on the number of persons in specific facilities to ensure that capacity limits are not breached. Data collected from these occupancy sensors will also help the campus manager identify usage patterns and potentially re-configure the campus to be more cost-effective to operate.

By aggregating the data collected from the various mechanical & electrical systems on the facilities management platform, Temasek Polytechnic will be able to monitor energy usage and identify opportunities to reduce costs and lower carbon footprint.

Setting up the digital facilities platform is in line with the Building and Construction Authority’s Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) vision to integrate building operations and maintenance work processes digitally. The IDD is a key thrust in the Construction Industry Transformation Map and is aligned to Singapore’s efforts to train a highly-skilled workforce to use technology throughout the entire life cycle of a project from planning to design, construction and operations.


Facilities Management, Smart City