Surbana Jurong Campus

The Surbana Jurong Campus is the new global headquarters of Surbana Jurong. The development will serve to demonstrate what a sustainable, people-centric and future-ready workplace would look like.

The new 68,915 sqm development will be built in Jurong Innovation District, a vibrant ecosystem of enterprises in advanced manufacturing, urban solutions and smart logistics. The Campus will support Surbana Jurong’s rapid growth by facilitating stronger teamwork and knowledge sharing among its Singapore and global talents, and will serve as the nerve centre for research and development of innovation for the built environment.

Designed by Safdie Surbana Jurong, a partnership Surbana Jurong established in 2017 with renowned architect Mr Moshe Safdie, the design of the new headquarters embodies the character of Singapore as the Garden City by integrating the structure harmoniously with the natural landscape. Situated on a previously undeveloped greenfield site, the Campus will push the boundaries of sustainable design in both construction and operation.

Surbana Jurong’s multidisciplinary team of experts will undertake the entire development from start to end. This encompasses consultancy solutions from project funding, architecture and landscaping, engineering, workplace strategy, cost and project management, through to integrated facilities management and security services.

Surbana Jurong Campus Infographics

Site Area
28,699.6 sqm

68,915 sqm


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