Han Cheng Riverfront Theme Park

Located along the Han Cheng Ju Shui River of Xi’an in ShanXi Province, China, the 12km Han Cheng Riverfront project with a site area of 700ha showcases an exquisite cultural landscaping planning approach. It is scenically crafted to preserve its long historical heritage from the Tang and the Qing dynasties.

An integrated and sustainable landscape planning approach was adopted for the master plan of the theme park project, incorporating a range of attractions, facilities, a performing arts centre, and a future sports stadium to meet local demand.

The site was divided into four different areas, namely:

  • The National History Garden
  • Wetland Ecological Park
  • The Agricultural and Exposition Park, and
  • The Ju Shui New District.

The design emphasis was to create an integration of the cultural, sustainable and ecological environments, together with a large portion of the site’s natural features and new high-speed rail and airport network.

This project is targeted to enhance cultural tourism, develop the city’s economy and create jobs. It aims to transform Han Cheng Ju Shui River into a landmark for regional tourists to experience the history and culture of Han Cheng.

Resilience by Design - Honourable Mention (Under Analysis and Master planning category)
IFLA AAPME Awards 2018


Master Planning, Landscape Architecture