JTC CleanTech One

JTC CleanTech One is the pioneer building in Singapore’s first eco-business park. The six-storey two-towered building houses companies and research centres that provide world-class clean technology solutions.

JTC CleanTech One’s unique design feature is the ‘Living Atrium’ right at its heart. Airy and semi-shaded, the atrium features lushly landscaped walkways, green walls, and a sky trellis to provide an open setting for public gathering and interaction.

Although JTC CleanTech One measures close to 100 metres on each of its four sides, Surbana Jurong’s design cleverly condensed it into a compact capsule-like form. This was achieved through a unique perforated facade in hues of green that wraps the building and blends it naturally with the lightly forested surroundings. The perforations also maximise ventilation, hence cooling the building.

2014 Green Award - Bronze Prize
World Landscape Planning Design Competition

Green Good Design 2014
The International Architecture for 2014


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